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    Autumn in Franklin, Tennessee.

    Gentry Farm
    Gentry’s Farm in Franklin, Tennessee

    It’s the time of year for hayrides, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches, and Franklin boasts of the best. Gentry Farms, located on Highway 96, has all you could want for a day of fall fun. Gentry Farms is a historic working farm that has been in the family for 165 years! When they aren’t putting on their fall festivities, they are offering educational programs for school groups and selling natural beef to the locals.

    When you pull in the drive of Gentry Farms, you will see a sea of pumpkins and vines, with local families searching for just the right one. If picking your own pumpkin is what you came to do, then you have arrived and can park right away. If you’re looking to make a day of activities, head up a little farther to the barns, where you’ll find crates of already-picked

    pumpkins in a variety of shapes and sizes. While the already-picked pumpkins are a little higher in price, I think you’ll find they are all still very reasonable. Near the barns, you will also find a ticket booth.

    To make an afternoon of the visit, you will pay $7.00 to enter and partake in all the activities Gentry Farms provides. You can start anywhere you please, but one of the first things you’ll see is the corn maze. If you dare, you’ll find yourself navigating the 8-foot stalks for about fifteen or twenty minutes. They provide a picture of the design online, but even after seeing it, I still found myself a little turned around. You might feel as I did after the corn maze, and wish for a snack. You’re in luck! The concessions stand offers popcorn, beverages, and a variety of delicious, homemade sweets. I chose popcorn and a brownie and was not disappointed. With the help of baked goods, you’ll have all the energy you need to go on a nature walk, chase your kids around a munchkin maze, visit with farm animals, and swing on tire swings. If you aren’t “mazed out” by this point, try the barn maze. You can finish off the day with a relaxing hay ride around the farm. On the way out, you can pick through the crates of different sized pumpkins, or, if you still have a lot of energy, go wading through the vines to pick your own.

    Whether you’re visiting for a date, a day with friends or family fun, Gentry Farms has a lot to offer.

    *Local hint: Stop into High Brow Brew (just down the road) to get your caffeine fix before you scout out the perfect pumpkin.

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