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    Bricktops Cool Springs.

    Bricktops THYH -2
    Bricktops Cool Springs.

    Happy New Year, Franklin folks! The holidays definitely had a different vibe going with the warm storms and 70-degree Christmas! Unfortunately, the heat wave ended, and we’re heading into a more typical winter. I took last week off to get all the holiday cheer in, and now I’m back and ready to share a whole slew of new places with you.

    First up, one of my favorite places to eat: Bricktops.

    At first glance, Bricktops can seem a little fancy. The hostesses greet you with their smiles and pearls, and the servers are well groomed with black slacks and white shirts. I assure you that while the staff is well-dressed, you can come in right after work or your yoga class. While there is not a dress code, it is highly recommended that you make reservations for weekend nights and Sunday brunch, because the place is packed, and the wait list can get long.

    The thing I love most about Bricktops? The food. While the staff is put together, I don’t have to be. But the best part of Bricktops is that it works for casual or classy get-togethers. It’s a good place for a work meal or for catching up with friends. Another thing I really like is that Bricktops keeps it classy, but their food isn’t pretentious. The dishes are well made and delicious, definitely, but I’m not left wondering what exactly I ordered or what some word on the menu means. Straightforward, delicious food made fairly simply.


    Here are a few of my recommendations:

    • Appetizers:
      • Deviled Eggs and Millionaire Bacon – the millionaire bacon is so delicious, and it’s a great way to get a Sunday started.
      • Chips and Guacamole – this San Diego transplant approves of Bricktops’ guacamole, which doesn’t happen too often this far from the west coast.
    • Entrees:
      • Cheeseburger – Add avocado and get the fries – they are shoestring and seasoned well.
      • Babyback Ribs – comes with a wet napkin which is necessary because this delicious rack can get messy!
      • Cast-Iron-Roasted Chicken – get it for dinner to have the creamy whipped potatoes as a side.
    • Sunday Brunch: Chicken and Waffles – Oh, how I love the South.
    • Dessert: Skillet Cookie with Ice Cream – and if you’re there during the winter, definitely get it with peppermint ice cream.


    A few other things to note: the dinner crowd’s collective conversations can get a bit boisterous, so if someone in your party is hard of hearing, you may want to go at non-rush times. Also, Bricktops is in the same shopping center as a place called Brixx. The two are not the same. Bricktops does have two locations, one in Cool Springs and one in West End. Both have their own parking, which is wonderful.
    Until next week, happy Franklin exploring!

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