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    Brunch in Franklin.

    Looking for breakfast or brunch but don’t want to slip in a food coma later? Breakfast is by far my favorite meal, but lately with the brunch trend and heavy morning foods, I haven’t been able to enjoy it as much. While chicken and waffles, cinnamon rolls, or a stack of pancakes are absolutely delicious in the moment, they usually leave me feeling lethargic for hours. This was not the case with First Watch! I’ve passed by a couple of this restaurant’s locations, but I always thought it was something like The Egg & I: traditional breakfast, brunch, and lunch. I was wrong. First Watch is a delicious breakfast and lunch spot that prides itself on fresh ingredients in the food created there.

    What makes First Watch a little different? They source their produce locally as much as they can, roast their own vegetables, make their own granola, and don’t use microwaves or deep friers. The restaurant itself is well lit by natural light (I went to the one in Cool Springs), well maintained, and the waitstaff is warm and welcoming.

    So let’s get to the good stuff: food options. How about lemon-ricotta pancakes with berry compote, raisin bread french toast, cranberry-nut oatmeal, egg white omelets, avocado omelet . . . I could go on. It was between the lemon-ricotta pancakes and a breakfast plate of eggs, bacon, and French toast, but the second choice won. I added the berry compote and strawberries to my French toast to ease the loss of the lemon-ricotta pancake. And because I wanted to be as “healthy” as possible, with my sweet I also ordered pure maple syrup which came in a cute personal-size bottle.

    The food was delicious. It didn’t feel heavy like other places I’ve eaten at before, and two hours later I didn’t feel like I needed a nap.

    You can find First Watch in Cool Springs, Smyrna, Murfreesboro, Brentwood and Hermitage. If you want to look over there menu or learn more about them go to

    First watch THYHWhat are your favorite places to go for breakfast or brunch in Franklin?


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