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    Donuts of Franklin.

    Donuts of Franklin.
    Donuts of Franklin.

    There once was a time where I was a little donut-obsessed. That cupcake thing everybody was going on and on about? Not my thing. I loved donuts. When I moved here, I was a little disappointed with the lack of options, but luckily for me (and you), specialty and gourmet donuts have made their way to Nashville, and even to Franklin lately. If you consider yourself a donut connoisseur, give Franklin’s two best a try!

    Ellie’s Old Fashioned Doughnuts – If you have yet to eat an Ellie’s donut, you are missing out. One day, back when I was visiting Nashville I found myself on Main in Franklin talking to someone about my love for donuts. She told me that if my love for doughnuts was true, I would have to come back to visit the next day, as the Farmer’s Market would be in full swing and there I would find the best doughnuts I could ask for. I asked her if they were topped in candy or the size of my face – I’ve been to many a specialty donut shop. She said no, while they looked quite normal, the best part of Ellie’s was their story. She told me of a man and wife, and how after the man tragically lost his wife, he found himself back in the baking business. He fashioned himself a trailer and made some donuts, which she had loved, and he named the business after her. Since I heard this story, an element of awesome has been added to it: the owner has now married a women he met through his donut business! If that’s not as sweet as the treats they sell, I don’t know what is.

    Five Daughters Bakery – It’s interesting that the two best, most well-known, possibly only specialty donut bakers in Franklin find themselves within the same shopping center one day a week. Five Daughters Bakery started up north in Nashville and has since opened a shop in The Factory, the same place you can find Ellie’s on Saturday mornings. While it might seem like competition, I beg to differ. Where Ellie’s give you the classic donut, Five Daughters gives you decadence. From the 100-layer cronut to their stuffed happy doughnuts and Paleo options, Five Daughters packs a heavy punch with their specialty fare.

    Know of any other good donuts in Franklin? Tell us about them!

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