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    Edley’s BBQ

    Edley's BBQ.
    Edley’s BBQ.

    Edley’s BBQ was one of the first restaurants I went to eat when I was visiting Nashville and scouting the city as a new place to live. I walked into the then-smaller 12 South location and took a look around. In front of me was the line of people ordering, smiling, and thinking about what they might want. To my right was the bar, and all around me were wooden tables holding paper towels and bbq sauce. The line was long, but the service was fast, and I found myself close to the register reading the chalkboard of choices for the day. I ordered a pulled chicken sandwich with baked beans and potato salad for sides, and then I took a seat. The atmosphere was wonderful. People were happily chatting while wiping sauce off their faces, Mason jar beer glasses clinked together, and the warm October air came in from the open doors. Needless to say, I was pretty smitten and I hadn’t even taken a bite yet. I felt comfortable sitting there, watching the 12 South strollers through the glass plated garage doors.

    When my food came, there was BBQ sauce-loaded pulled chicken, topped with tangy and crunchy coleslaw, and white sauce, all housed in a delicious bun. To the side, my baked beans, and there was sweet, spicy, and delicious potato salad, just waiting to be dessert. My taste buds were thrilled, and my food crush on the restaurant grew. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Edley’s contributed heavily into my decision to make the move – I thought about it for months and months until I packed my stuff and made Nashville my home.


    Some of the things I love about Edley’s:

    – The atmosphere I mentioned above. Since my first visit Edley’s, the restaurant itself and the surrounding 12 South area have gone through changes and growth. When I was first there, the bar was on the right, and it was somewhat small. Since that visit years ago, they have expanded, and now the bar has a lot more room up and to the left. However, with these changes and additions, the atmosphere is still very much the same. Edley’s still has friendly people eating good southern BBQ, rain or shine.

    – The menu is always similar but not quite the same. You can get a pulled brisket sandwich at lunch but not at dinner, and you can get certain meats until they run out because they are smoked on location every day.

    – Edley’s makes their food fresh right in the restaurant. It’s always made on location, one day at a time.


    Edley’s has two locations and also caters. You can get their delicious BBQ in 12 South or over on the other side of the river in east Nashville.

    You can find out more about them here:


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