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    Experience Nashville Like a Local.

    As a Nashville resident I like staying up to date on local events. This usually means I am researching and checking all local event calendars weeks if not months in advance. If a great concert is happening and you don’t hear about it or get tickets in time, you usually don’t get to go. If your friend who works with the event venues runs out of extra tickets, you end up reading all about the fun you missed in your morning news feed or the local paper.
    Wannado App
    I believe I found the solution to the problem. I recently stumbled onto a website called Wannado and downloaded their app. I really like this app.  It’s designed to list upcoming events in Nashville and surrounding areas. It’s so nice to open one app and get a detailed list of things happening this weekend as well as months in advance. I love the fact that I don’t have a bomb going off in my inbox, but if I want to see what’s happening in Nashville three months from now, I check one app. Not five different venue calendars.

    I still use Yelp to check up on places to eat, but I am enjoying the Wannado features and detailed restaurant descriptions. If my husband and I spontaneously decide we want to try a new restaurant and we specifically want brunch, we pull up Wannado. Wannado has a list of local restaurants offering brunch that we usually forget about, didn’t notice or it didn’t pop up on Yelp.

    Not only is this app great for planning date night, it also provides information for the outdoor enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, someone interested in culinary events, or arts and crafts. If you are interested in networking with other local business professionals, Wannado has a list of meetings and events you can easily join. Want to go paddling, night hiking, biking, or register for a run? Connect with other locals on Wannado, who are doing the same thing.

    Maybe you are visiting our great city for a weekend or doing a homework trip in case you decide to move to the area. With a few easy clicks, you can download Wannado and plan where you will eat, what you want to see, or what you want to do, all within one app in minutes. Experience the greater Nashville area like a local. Use Wannado.







    What are some apps you like to use to stay up to date on the local scene?

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