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    Get To Know Pear Tree Avenue With Assistant Store Manager, Kelsey Hodge

    Pear Tree Avenue is a one-of-a-kind boutique located in Brentwood, TN. ​Selling Pandora jewelry, home decor, clothing, and a wide range of gifts, Pear Tree Avenue is the perfect place to shop for your loved ones, and for yourself! Learn more about this unique gift shop below, in our interview with Kelsey Hodge, the assistant store manager.

    1. How did you begin working as the assistant store manager at Pear Tree Avenue? 

    It is crazy to think back on now, but I was hired back in the fall of 2014 as a sales associate and now 5 years later I am the Assistant Store Manager! It has been an incredible learning process, and I have grown so much in my skills as a buyer and merchandiser for Pear Tree as well as an ASM. 

    2. How did Pear Tree Avenue first get started? 

    Pear Tree Avenue was born in January of 2005 and is owned by husband and wife team Calvin and Blythe Houghland. To my knowledge Calvin, an avid antique collector, was wanting Pear Tree to be an Antique Shop but Blythe had bigger plans! With their fabulous taste and impeccable business sense, Blythe and Calvin shaped Pear Tree Avenue into what it is today, a staple gift shop in the heart Brentwood, TN. Blythe and Calvin’s goal was to have Pear Tree Avenue offer a wide selection of gifts at every price point that matched the level of sophistication of its shoppers all while offering the personal attention and warmth of a small-town boutique.

    3. What all is sold at Pear Tree Avenue? 

    It has always been part of Blythe and Calvin’s vision for Pear Tree Avenue that every single item brought into the store is carefully handpicked with the customers wants and needs in mind. With that being said, for the past three years I have worked closely with Blythe on bringing in the best of the best! 

    You can find everything and anything in Pear Tree Avenue, from PANDORA Jewelry to YETI Coolers, and that is a wide variety! Home décor/ gifts has been one of things we have focused on for years, offering things such as lanterns, photo frames, wall art, textiles and our customer favorite 1800 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets! We carry a wide variety of home scent lines such as Tyler Candles, Lampe Berger and one of our local Tennessee favorites Sweet Tea Candles. This list could go on forever, but just know that you can walk into Pear Tree not needing anything, and you will walk out with arms full of shopping bags overflowing with jewelry, clothing, novelty items, bath and body care, kitchen gadgets, baby gifts and so SO much more.

    4. How can people stay up to date about new items in your store? 

    Because we love connecting with our customers on a deeper level, I would have to say the best way to stay up to date is to come in and see us! But for those who can’t, we work hard to keep our social media up to date with new product launches, existing favorites and upcoming events! We go live on facebook often, where you will see me give you sneak peeks into upcoming items  You can also check out our website and blog for updates!

    5. What can a shopper expect when wandering into Pear Tree Avenue for the first time? 

    First, be prepared to be greeted by a friendly face; at Pear Tree we strive to have a fun and comfortable atmosphere, we want you to walk in and feel like you belong to our family! Pear Tree is deceivingly large and we have made sure that there is plenty to see as you walk through. I personally merchandise the store, and try to keep it fun and exciting all while giving you a good idea of how you can use the products in your own day to day life! Be prepared to lose yourself in the rooms and isles of Pear Tree for a solid hour or more, overflowing with beautiful and unique products to suit your every want and need. We have a fabulous staff of ladies always available to answer questions, carry your shopping baskets and help you pick out the perfect gift. Oh, and did I mention we do complementary gift bagging?

    6. How is Pear Tree Avenue involved in the local community? 

    Our owners are brentwoodians to the core and always jump at the opportunity to help out our local community. Since we opened in 2005, we have sponsored/partnered with many amazing organizations in the Nashville/Brentwood Area. We have hosted events for the American Heart Association, T.J. Martell Foundation and so many more! We are always flattered when we are asked to participate, and in my 5 years at Pear Tree, I have put together many donations for local charity raffles, schools and local businesses. One of my favorite events we have hosted would be a recent one we did with Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue; our owners are avid pet lovers and have made Pear Tree Avenue a pet friendly store so it was a perfect fit for us to host their team and some cute puppies who needed adopting!

    7. What do you feel makes Pear Tree Avenue special? 

    I would say there a lot of things that make Pear Tree Avenue special, one of which would be the wide selection of unique high-quality items at any price point. Another thing that makes Pear Tree special is the atmosphere we strive to produce; we pride ourselves on our customer service because it isn’t about just making a sale, we want you to be part of our Pear Tree Family and have fun in our store just like our employees do every single day. Some of the customers I work with today, I worked with 5 years ago when I was just a sales associate! I would say Pear Tree Avenue is special because it is truly a “One-Stop-Shop”. During the Holiday season when it is a pain to make it out to the mall, people pour into Pear Tree, having confidence that they will find EVERYTHING they need, and get adorable complementary gift bags for all of their Holiday gifts!

    8. Bonus Question! What is your favorite thing about working at Pear Tree Avenue?

    I love the products we carry at Pear Tree, and not just because I assist in the buying, but because they truly are fabulous gifts. If I didn’t work for Pear Tree, I would still be in on a regular basis picking out things not only for myself but for my friends and family. Most of all though my Favorite thing about working for Pear Tree Avenue is decorating for Christmas. Pear Tree is beautiful everyday, but Pear Tree Avenue is gorgeous during Christmas. Every Year I have worked at Pear Tree we have done it up big, you will find 7-8 Christmas trees fully decorated throughout the store, a full dining room table set with holiday dishes and textiles, tables upon tables of delicious holiday candles, and stunning displays of Holiday Collectables such as Byers Choice Carolers, Mark Roberts Fairies and Department 56 Dickens Village. For me putting up the trees for Christmas at Pear Tree Avenue is like waking up on Christmas morning as a child; I love every minute of it!

    Thank you, Kelsey, for giving us an inside look of Pear Tree Avenue! We loved getting to know you and this amazing store!



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