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    How To Prepare Your Home For The Market

    Maybe you are moving to a new city. Maybe you are wanting to downsize your property. Maybe you just need a fresh start. Regardless of why you are moving, selling your home is a big deal. Although the beginning of this journey may seem daunting at first, there are many tried and true ways to prepare your home for the market. Read below to learn more:

    Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal:

    The exterior of your home is the first thing buyers will see… and first impressions are important. This is why you will want to make sure your home has great curb appeal. You can improve the exterior of your property by repainting your house, replacing your front door, adding a doormat, cleaning your windows, adding exterior lights, buying a new mailbox, mowing your lawn, trimming your trees and bushes, planting some flowers, and more.

    Declutter Every Room:

    It is harder for buyers to really see the bones of your home when it is messy or cluttered. When it comes to preparing your house for the market, less is always more. Remember to declutter every area of the house, including closets, accessible storage spaces, and the garage. Impress your buyers by really showing off how much space you have in your home!

    Stage Your Home:

    After decluttering, you will want to focus on staging your home. There are many effective ways to begin staging your home, including painting the interior walls a neutral color, depersonalizing your living spaces, opening the curtains, and more. Even if your house is vacant, fill it in with some furniture. An empty house doesn’t feel as inviting to buyers, making it more difficult for them to envision living in your home. For more information about how to stage your home, read our blog, “5 Essential Tips For Staging Your Home,” here:

    Make Upgrades To Increase Your Home’s Value:

    If it is in your budget, consider increasing your home’s value by making some upgrades. Upgrades may include painting, refinishing hardwood floors, landscaping, replacing counter tops, changing door knobs and cabinet handles, etc. There are so many different ways to upgrade your home. It doesn’t always have to be an expensive project either.

    Keep Up With Home Maintenance:

    Before you put your house up for sale, it is a good idea to ensure that everything in your house is functioning properly. This is the perfect time to fix any problems you are having with your property, whether it is a leaky sink or a damaged HVAC system. Don’t give your buyers any reason to second guess the quality of your home.

    Work With A Licensed Real Estate Agent:

    To get the best deal for your property, be sure to work with a licensed real estate agent. Selling real estate isn’t easy, but a realtor will be able to professionally negotiate deals for you, market your home, and answer any questions you have about the process along the way. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Middle Tennessee, contact The Easling Team at Keller Williams Realty. We will connect you with one of our experienced real estate agents, who will help you fulfill all of your real estate goals. Contact us at 615.778.1818 today.

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