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    Landmark Booksellers Downtown Franklin.

    Landmark Booksellers Downtown Franklin.
    Landmark Booksellers Downtown Franklin.

    In need of a good book or a gift for the voracious reader on your gift list? Landmark Booksellers is the place to go. Settled in what used to be The Old Factory Store, the beautiful, historic building is filled to the brim with rare, new, and hard-to-find books.

    When you walk into Landmark, you will be greeted by one of the owners. If you have any special items you are looking for, they or their staff will be able to guide you to the right spot.

    Even if you have an idea of what you want, I would encourage you to browse, because there’s so much to see in Landmark. Let the piles of books next to different bookcases catch your attention. If you’re like me, you might wonder if people were collecting books on a certain subject and left them there, or if there just wasn’t any room left on the shelves. Take a spin through the local author section, or walk through the history section to the staircase and see what’s upstairs.

    The labyrinth of rooms makes Landmark feel cozy and comforting. Each room or section has a subject and usually a place to sit. You’ll feel like you’ve been invited into the home of an avid book collector. The scent of ink and paper surrounds you, warm and inviting. The couches in the front room look ready to take a reader for hours, and the dining table in the fiction room is set for a feast of books.

    Whether you’re looking for a gift or a book for yourself, you’ll want to give Landmark a visit. You can find it on East Main Street in Franklin, a few blocks away from the town square. They are open 10 AM-5 PM every day.

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