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    Meet The Talented Country-Pop Music Duo, Sugar & Steel

    Sugar & Steel, comprised of Spencer and Sidnye Askew, is a talented country-pop music duo based in Nashville, TN. Their latest album, “Land Here” was released in 2018, featuring 6 original songs that showcase the duo’s perfectly blended vocalsWe had the pleasure of interviewing Spencer and Sidnye about their relationship, music, upcoming projects, and more. Check out our interview with them below:

    1. What is the story of how both of you met?

    “We met in February of 2012. We were both in college and I (Sidnye) was touring pretty full time aside from going to school. I was back on campus one night and my friend invited me to an open mic night. I almost didn’t go because I was exhausted, but decided a night out was a good idea. I walk in the room and see this guy in the corner and was totally caught off guard! He proceeds to walk on stage and started playing one of my favorite songs – Fast Car by Tracie Chapman. I was smitten. His side of the story is that he saw me from across the room and wanted to meet me, too. He came down afterwards and the rest is history for real! It was like a movie moment ;).”

    2. What inspired you two, as individual artists, to come together as Sugar & Steel?

    “Our relationship came before doing music together. We got married in 2014 while I (Spencer) was working on my solo career and Sidney was working in the music business after a few years of being solo. The biggest thing for us is that we wanted to protect our marriage – so few people do so in the entertainment world. That meant that we didn’t want to tour separately all the time. We had started writing songs together that year and decided we loved doing music together. We found that there was something magical when we sang together, and decided to create the duo after consulting with some industry friends. It just felt right!”

    3. How did you come up with the name “Sugar & Steel”?

    “I (Spencer) had an idea for a song called Sugar and Steel a while before we started the duo. It was essentially about the two things that make the world go round – love and pain. When we were bouncing names back and forth, I came across this and it just fit. I’ve always called Sid “Sugar” as a nickname, so it was fitting for our band name!”

    4. How would you describe Sugar & Steel’s musical style?

    “We are country, pop and a little bit of rock. Spencer is from the Deep South (Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia) and had a lot of unique, southern musical influence growing up there. He was also raised on 70s music. I’m from Charlotte, NC and I grew up with a mix of pop, modern country and 80s music inspiration. Bringing these things together has given us a unique mix of upbeat, feel-good tunes and slow ballads. We like to mix it up!”

    5. How does your relationship influence your music?

    “We love writing about our story. We have songs like “Land Here” that evoke emotions of safety, comfort and hope that you find when you’re with the right person. We also have songs about heartbreak, moments that aren’t so joyous, and everything in between. We always love to pull from our real life experiences. Everyone can relate to the highs and lows of relationships. It’s what makes us human.”

    6. What is the overall message or inspiration behind your 2018 album release, “Land Here”?

    “We really wanted to pull from our experiences in marriage when we chose songs for this album. Some of the songs are upbeat, some dramatic, and some slow and sappy. We wanted to tell our story, and we feel like this group of songs does just that. It’s surreal to hear our personal love story in album form! We’re really thankful for our fans that have been so supportive of it. We hope it continues to resonate with people.”

    7. What can we expect from Sugar & Steel in the near future, such as upcoming shows or musical projects?

    “After releasing and promoting “Land Here” in 2018, we took a few months to relax and reconnect over the holidays. Now that 2019 is in full swing, we are working on a new single (you’re the first to know this!) and will be announcing more shows soon. We recently starting partnering with an amazing company – Franklin Road Apparel – out of Franklin, TN, and are loving working with their team. We really believe in their brand and are excited to do more events with them soon.”

    8. Bonus Question! When you aren’t working on music, what do the two of you like to do for fun?

    “We love bonus questions! We are both big readers – we love books! We usually end the day reading beside one another. We also love going on Friday night dates! I (Sidnye) really love to cook and am always testing new recipes and culinary skills on Spencer. I don’t think he minds ;). Spencer starting training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu this year and has already started competing. He absolutely loves it!”


    Listen to Sugar & Steel’s music here:


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