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    Parks of Spring and Summer.

    Parks of Spring and Summer

    When the warmer weather starts hitting Franklin and sticking around (yes please), expect to see your Facebook and Instagram feed blow up with smiling faces at the different parks around Nashville. From Cornelia Fort Airpark to Centennial, and from Pinkerton Park to Shelby Bottoms or even Percy Warner, Nashville has plenty of green space to lay down a blanket and enjoy the sun. Maybe even take a selfie.

    Here are a list of a few awesome parks I’ve been to in the last year:


    Cornelia Fort Airpark

    Cornelia Fort might be the coolest/oddest park in Nashville. Cornelia Fort Airpark use to be a privately owned and used airport years ago, but since shutting down flights, it has opened to the public as a park. Here you’ll see old plane hangars with hanging letters, people flying kites, skateboarders, and cyclists using the straightaways.


    Centennial Park

    Another park with a story, Centennial is located in the midst of Nashville. Its distinguishing feature is definitely the Parthenon. You can go inside the Parthenon for a small fee to see some awesome art and statues, or you can stay outside and people watch. There’s usually something interesting going on if the weather is nice. You may see people walking a slackline between trees, games of frisbee, dogs running around, people strolling around the pond, and couples swinging on swings. There’s a little something for everyone.


    Pinkerton Park

    Off Murfreesboro road in Franklin, you’ll find Pinkerton Park. Pinkerton gets packed on a pretty day, but there are so many different parts of the park that it’s usually easy to find yourself a little spot. If staying in one spot isn’t your thing, Pinkerton has a paved walking trail around the grounds. Have a party of fewer than 50 people? get there early to get yourself a couple tables and a grill for a spring or summer get together.


    Shelby Bottoms

    If you’re looking for another spot in East Nashville but aren’t wanting to go to the Airpark, Shelby Bottoms is your place! They have many walking and biking trails. They also have free bike rentals and a greenway on the Cumberland River.


    Percy Warner and Edwin Warner

    These two parks are separated by Old Hickory Road close to Nashville. Together they claim 300 acres, so I think it’s safe to say there will always be a spot to enjoy a gorgeous day. Percy and Edwin Warner parks offer walking, biking, and equestrian trails, athletic fields, and a golf course.


    Let us know your favorite place to spend a spring or summer day in Franklin and beyond!

    Centennial Park Nashville.
    Centennial Park Nashville.

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