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    Part II: Why Would I Need Buyer Representation?

    As your buyer representative we lead you through the necessary steps to create a smooth buying experience.

    The First Step: Determine Buying Power

    In order to determine your buying power, we will get you in contact with one of our preferred local lenders. Our preferred lenders will be able to tell you what price range they can pre-approve you for.  You need to know what this amount is so you can shop for a home within your known price range.

    More and more sellers are allowing only pre-approved buyers to view their property. When you have your pre-approval worked out, sellers will see you as a serious prospect.

    The current buying market is hot; when buyers find something they like, they must act quickly. With a pre-approval in hand, you know your price range and you are able to immediately put in an offer when you fall in love with a home.

    Property Tours

    You have determined a price range and the general area in which you would like to buy your new home. Let the fun begin!

    Before going out on a property tour, we will ask you to meet us at the office or a local coffee shop to discuss what you are looking for. This allows us to create a beneficial property tour for you. The more we know about what you need and want, the better we can serve you. Leaving plenty of time to discuss this helps you, the buyer, make calm and thoughtful decisions without spur-of-the-moment pressure.


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