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    Part III: Why Would I Need Buyer Representation?

    The Easling Team

    You received your pre-approval from the lender. You found a home you love while on the property tour. What’s next?

    Negotiating Win-wins

    You’ve found the house of your dreams and now it’s time to make it yours. Do you really want to negotiate with a professional listing agent alone? Sellers have a signed agreement with their list agent, that the list agent will be negotiating to get them the most money possible. Listing agents have numerous opportunities to negotiate real estate deals. You need professional representation on your side negotiating on your behalf, protecting your interest.

    At the Easling team, we have negotiated for hundreds of clients and that doesn’t even include the homes we have negotiated for ourselves. We want to help our buyers appeal to the sellers, while still providing a winning scenario for themselves. We want to help you save money and avoid surprise expenses you may not have anticipated as being part of the purchase process. We are also available if you have any questions or concerns while you wait for a response on your offer.

    Having a professional negotiate your buying transaction for you makes the difference in getting the home or losing it.

    We are here to make you a winner.

    Getting to Closing

    The transaction does not end when you get a home under contract, but at the closing table after you get the keys.

    Having someone who is familiar with the transaction process help you navigate the next 30-45 days, can greatly reduce the stress involved with buying a home.

    The Easling team is here to help you have an enjoyable home buying experience.


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