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    Stop By The Wishing Well.

    The Well CoffeeHouse.
    The Well Coffee House.

    Looking for a coffeeshop with a choice cup-o-joe and where the money you spend is employed to help people worldwide? Your search ends here at The Well Coffeehouse! Walk into this friendly atmosphere where you can plan to stay a while. There’s plenty to keep your wandering eyes busy learning about their mission and enjoying the hipster atmosphere. Find out why it’s named The Well from the information posted around the shop.

    New in town and feeling adventurous? Pin a note onto The Wishing Well bulletin board or pull one to help a person listed. Maybe that’s not adventurous enough for you. Strike up a conversation with someone at a nearby table. Who knows where that may lead! Connections help resident transplants get a foot in the door. Randomly going up to strangers may not be your “thing”. Don’t worry. If you’re a coffee snob, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of product and service you receive.

    An overwhelming number of brewing and blend options are available. Out of curiosity, I tried the Kenya AA Iced Coffee- what a wallop! Although I’m not used to strong coffee, the unique notes of the roasted bean shined through. I have no doubt that foofy and hard-core coffee drinkers alike will find a favorite here. With that, be prepared to spend a few extra dollars than you would at McDonald’s. It’s definitely worth it.

    The Well is conveniently located in Brentwood off I-65 and Hwy 254. Can’t find a parking spot in front? Try the parking garage out back. (For those of you living closer to Nashville, they have a second location off Granny White Pike.)

    *When I visited, there was an open mic going on with talented local artists. Remember: you are in Music City. Try dropping in during the evening and you may enjoy a free concert!

    Hours of Operation.
    Hours of Operation.

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