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    Taziki’s on Main

    Taziki's on Main.
    Taziki’s on Main.

    Normally I’m not much of a chain restaurant kind of girl. Okay maybe I am, because you know what you’re getting no matter where you are. But when I’m exploring, chain restaurants aren’t usually the places I suggest. Taziki’s on Main in Franklin is different. The first time I went in there it was standard: delicious food, fast service, etc. It was the second time that really made them stand out.

    The second time I went to Taziki’s, I went with a friend who was feeling a bit under the weather. She requested some hot water, a lemon and some honey if they had it to sip on with the meal. They were able to provide the hot water and lemon no problem but they didn’t have any honey. Instead of letting that stop them from getting her what she had asked for, the owner said he would be right back, ran over to Starbucks and brought my friend back honey packets. Good service to me means keeping your establishment clean, greeting your customers, and providing good food. The above-and-beyond actions of the owner or manager let me know that, not only was he concerned with good service, he was dedicated to great service. And if that isn’t a reason to suggest a place to eat, I don’t know what is.

    Taziki’s offers a fresh twist on classic Mediterranean food. They serve gyros, meat, rice and greens plates, Greek salads, and pasta. They have vegetarian options and a few gluten-free options as well. They are located on Main Street a few doors down from Starbucks and across from the Franklin Theatre.

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