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    The Factory at Franklin.

    The Factory at Franklin.
    The Factory at Franklin.

    By now we’ve talked about (and I hope you’ve been to) the Franklin Farmer’s Market. You’ve walked the parking lot, eaten at the food trucks, and taken home some fresh, local food. Awesome! What you may not have done – and what I hadn’t done until this weekend – is ventured into the building that the parking lot belongs to. I had thrown a casual glance at the plants nearby and even wandered a few pathways, but for the last year The Factory at Franklin (with its rustic water tower sign) has been a mystery.

    Late Saturday afternoon, a few friends and I ventured into the Factory. We found in a door that looked like it could have been a part of a worn down elementary school, and we entered a glittering paradise.Okay, so it was more like a sparkling paradise because the Christmas lights were still up, but the point is that the outside of the building did no justice to all that could be found inside those doors!I walked by City Farmhouse, which used great antique pieces to call to me, but I resisted so I could see more of what The Factory had to offer.

    I found my way into an indoor courtyard next. In the courtyard, I had options. I could get ice cream from Jeni’s ice cream truck, eat at a few restaurants, wander down the halls, or head up the stairs to see what else there was to peruse. I chose to explore and found that The Factory is filled with antiques, galleries, and up-cycled items. If you’re looking for something to do, you can paint pottery at Third Coast Clay, or listen to a live, two-hour radio show at Music City Roots. If you want a place to chat with your friends, there are comfortable chairs in the indoor courtyard, or you can get a cup of coffee and sit with Abe at Honest Roasters.

    Next time you’re at the Franklin Farmer’s Market, give The Factory a try. Maybe you’ll find an upcycled treasure or your new favorite spot!

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