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    The Park at Harlinsdale Farm

    Harlinsdale Farm
    Harlinsdale Farm

    Ever wonder what that big barn across from The Factory is? Same here. I have driven many times past the sign with the horse that read “The Park at Harlinsdale Farm,” but I wasn’t sure what it was, or if it was public or private. On a snowy day this winter, I decided to venture closer. The beautiful barn in the snow was just too good a picture to pass up, so I braved the icy driveway and came to a parking lot. The first thing I saw was the dog park. People braving the cold to get their dogs some exercise were bundled up while their pets roamed the gated area outside of one of the buildings. Since they were there, I figured roaming around was allowed, so I ventured a look at a couple of the other barns. In my short exploration (it was a very cold day), I found antique farm equipment from days past and beautiful views.

    On a warmer day months later, I found myself visiting The Park at Harlinsdale Farm again. This time I explored more and farther, and I read up on what makes Harlinsdale significant. I found out that Harlinsdale was a Tennessee Walking Horse farm back in the 1930’s, and it was the home of a repeat World Grand Champion named Midnight Sun.

    In the early 2000’s, the Harlins sold the farm to the city of Franklin to be used as a park. In 2007, the park opened as it is today. Locals have been able to come to the park to walk around, enjoy the scenery, run their dogs around the half-acre dog park, put them back on a leash and walk them around the fields, and bring picnics.

    In September, the Pilgrimage music festival takes place here with several stages and big-name bands. Last year artists like Willie Nelson, Chris Stapleton, Band of Horses, and Sheryl Crow came out to play.

    Have you ventured out to The Park at Harlinsdale Farm yet? This spring and summer, it will be a great place to check out.

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