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    Where To Purchase Affordable Furniture and Decor

    There are many reasons why you may find yourself looking for new furniture and/or home decorations. It may be that you recently moved and don’t have enough, or any, furniture to fill up your living spaces. It may simply be that you feel inspired to change your home design or style. Luckily, you don’t always have to spend a fortune on furniture and home decor. Here are our favorite, more affordable places to shop for all of your interior design needs:


    When you’re looking to buy new furniture, Walmart may not be an obvious place to start your search. However, Walmart has a fairly extensive furniture and home decor section, with of a wide range of styles and price points. You may order furniture online, or pick up at a location near you.

    Our Favorite Finds:

    Canvas Wall Art ($49.99)

    Apartment Sofa ($199.00)

    Farmhouse Lantern ($12.84)


    Nicknamed “Targét”, Target offers plenty of stylish products at reasonable prices. Target is my go-to place to buy cute, affordable home decor, such as lamps, wall art, candle holders, pillows, curtains, throw blankets, and more! You can browse in one of their physical stores near you, or order online.

    Our Favorite Finds:

    Farmhouse Wall Clock ($39.99)

    Farmhouse Bar Stool ($59.99)

    Gold Shimmer Table Lamp ($28.49)


    Ikea is well known for selling furniture and home decor at a decent price. The products sold here are generally simple in style, so it is the perfect place to shop for basic home decor and furniture essentials without breaking the bank. Shop online or find a store close to you!

    Our Favorite Finds:

    Dining Room Bookcase ($159.00)

    Flower Vase ($4.99)

    Utility Cart ($29.99)



    Wayfair sells furniture, home decor, and appliances entirely online. While you can purchase pricier items here, there are plenty of cheaper products available too! One of my favorite things about Wayfair, is the wide range of options for different styles and prices. There is also a “Room Ideas” section on the website to help you throughout the design process.

    Our Favorite Finds:

    Ladder Bookcase ($70.99)

    End Table ($91.93)

    Two Piece Candelabra Set ($24.99)



    Another online retailer, Overstock, sells a seemingly endless number of furniture and home decor products. They have a good mixture of expensive and more affordable items. The benefit of shopping for furniture online is that you will have more options to choose from, and your orders will be shipped right to your house!

    Our Favorite Finds:

    Bedside End Table ($54.99)

    Outdoor Patio Furniture Set ($158.99)

    Three Piece Comforter Set ($142.49)


    We hope you enjoyed learning more about your options for buying furniture and home decor! If you ever need any help with interior design, contact someone at The Easling Team, and we will connect you with one of our favorite professional interior designers in the area.


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